FAQs from Partners


1. How does Gundri.com work?

Gundri is the first online travel agent (OTA) from Nepal.
Gundri works in 3 simple steps:

  • - Select from our pool of services you want to use like Stays, Flights, Attractions, and vehicles rentals, and then go through a quick, fun process to let us know what kind of services you are looking for
  • - We will show you the list of our partners who are ready to welcome you right away and always smiling
  • - Once you are done with finalizing your choice, You can book your trip on to our system

2.How much does it cost to use Gundri?

Gundri connects you directly with our partners with a large number of choices. We don’t charge anything until you decide to book any of the services from our platform. We do have pay on property facilities. You can directly pay our partner after you visit there. We take a small service fee and that fee will be invested back on handling the secure payments and excellent customer service.

3. How does Gundri make money?

We make money when you decide to book any of our services we offer. We take a certain percentage share of the profit made by our partners.

4. How does your price compare with what I’d pay elsewhere?

Since Gundri is one of a kind platform for Nepal, we are able to offer highly competitive prices.

5. How do I know that your suggestions are unbiased?

We value transparency. Our website displays all the reviews from travelers. The services we recommend to you are determined by your choices and the quality of services our partners are offering. Services recommended to you are based on the performance of that particular property type or partner.

6.How do I know I can trust your partners?

We recommend you the partners based on their quality performance. We take great care in improving the overall performance of the partner by providing them enough resources to make them knowledgeable and help them by connecting with industry experts and resolving their issues. Our partners go through a rigorous check-up before getting listed on our website. Additionally, we show reviews and ratings for our users to make better decisions.

7. Who are the partners?

Our partners are the Hotels, B&B, Home Stays, Resorts, Airlines, Attraction providers, Vehicles rentals, etc. We can simply say all the service providers who are into the travel & hospitality industry and working hand in hand with us are our partners.

8 Who is the team behind Gundri?

Gundri was founded by a team of experienced entrepreneurs in the travel, hospitality, and tech industry for more than 21 years to give out the all-around hassle-free business solution. We started Gundri to cater to the domestic travel demand and channelize it through one door solution.

9. What if I find a cheaper price elsewhere on the web?

It is rare that you will find a cheaper price for exactly the same service we are offering. Since we directly work with our partners in and from Nepal it's tough you could match our product and service. However, if you find a cheaper rate then please let us know and we will do our best to match it.

10.Does Gundri help book international flights?

Yes, Gundri helps to book both national and international flights.

FAQs from Partners

1. What will happen after I sign up?

Our representative from Gundri.com will verify your details and you will receive your login in detail to our partner central.

2. What kinds of photos should I upload?

Photos of your properties should be visually appealing and demonstrate the services/facilities you are providing.

3. What happens if a guest cancels?

We have to provide users more flexibility with their booking. We will execute our cancellation policy determined by our property owners.

4. What happens if a guest doesn't show up (a no-show)? Book but do not cancel and absent.

This is considered No Show. If such a situation arises, the partner can automatically cancel their booking and revert. It is recommended that partners provide enough information to appeal the service in case of unfavorable conditions.

5. What happens if my property is damaged by a guest?

If any of your property is damaged by the guest, then they will take matters to the conclusion by resolving the problem on mutual understanding. The partner can take action as per their policy.

6. What do I get for the commission I pay? (Facilities that we provide)

Gundri will invest that sum on to create travel demand by,

  • - Marketing and promotion
  • - Visibility
  • - Increase in Sales
  • - Helps partners find their strength and weakness
  • - A marketplace for your services

7. When will my property go online?

Once you fill in all the information and our team verifies all the details, your property will go online.

8. Will I be able to update my registration details at a later date?

Yes, you can update your registration details as per your comfort. But we recommend you update regarding the changes to the Gundri team.

9. How do I find out how much commission I'll pay for bookings?

You can find the details on your partner central 1.

10. Do I have to confirm all of my bookings?

Once the traveler books the properties, the partner has to accept the guest/traveler. After the partner accepts the booking, guests will get booking confirmation for that particular service.