10 Best Things To Do In Nagarkot That You Must Know

10 Best Things To Do In Nagarkot That You Must Know

  • 19/04/2021

Nagarkot is a small village situated in the Bhaktapur district and is only 28 kilometers away from Kathmandu. It is a destination for a quick escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. From here, you can see the majestic view of Mount Everest along with different Himalayan ranges. Watching birds, cycling downhill, and enjoying the sunrise are some of the things to do in Nagarkot. So, it is a perfect place for a short vacation as well as for a short road trip from Kathmandu.

If you are planning to visit Nagarkot, then here is the list of things to do in Nagarkot. These activities will obviously help you enjoy your short vacation.

  • Sunrise from Nagarkot Viewpoint

  • See 8 out of 13 Himalayan Range from Nagarkot

  • Take a paragliding Tour

  • See the setting sun from Kalamasi

  • Damsite Camping in Kalamasi

  • Visit Muhan Pokhari, Telkot

  • Go Cycling from Nagarkot to Changu Narayan

  • Horse Riding in Nagarkot

  • Enjoy a short hike around Nagarkot

  • Trekking in Nagarkot

Sunrise from Nagarkot Viewpoint

What's better than starting the day with a cup of tea and a majestic view of sunrise. To make your day better, visit viewpoint number 2, which is five minutes walk from the Army camp on the left side of the road. From there, You can enjoy the sunrise as well as capture it to show it to your friends. Just don't forget to wake up early in the morning since the sun rises only once a day.

See 8 out of 13 Himalayan Range from Nagarkot

As Nepal has 13 himalayan ranges, you can see 8 out of them from Nagarkot. Annapurna, Manasalu, Jugal, Ganesh, Langtang, Mahalangur, Rowling, and the mighty Everest are the Himalayan that is visible only if the clouds favor you. On a clear day, you will be able to see Dhaulagiri in the west, Kanchenjunga in the east, and to your surprise, you’d be able to see Mt. Everest peeking from Dhaulagiri’s back in the far east. Likewise, you’d also see other famous peaks like Manaslu, Ganesh Himal, and Langtang from the viewpoint. Imagine the first sunray touching the massifs and slowly turning the whole range Yellow with its glow.

Take a paragliding Tour

Though paragliding at Pokhara remains at the top of the list for being the highest in Nepal, the experience of paragliding in Nagarkot is completely different. While paragliding in Nagarkot, you can enjoy the views of the mountains from the sky. Also the aerial view of Nagarkot and its surrounding is not visible from Pokhara.

See the setting sun from Kalamasi

Nagarkot is famous for its mesmerizing sunset seen from Kalamasi. You can see the red sun setting over the hills of Chandragiri making the whole valley glow. The sunset and its yellow rays gently touching the water make your jaw drop. So, if you are in Nagarkot, you must include watching the sunset in your things to do list. The destination is accessible via road and the road here is completely new. You will have zero problems getting there within 25 - 30 minutes from Nagarkot viewpoint.

Damsite Camping in Kalamasi

People mostly visit the popular sunset viewpoint then return. But, after the sunset, the nightscape from the dam makes you feel more connected to nature. The place isn’t very famous, but imagine the picture of still trees reflecting in the dam. So, if you have time, you can camp and enjoy the whole night there. The dam has an open grassy field on its eastern end, trees on the north. There is a small hill on the south, and road access and outlet to the water on its eastern border.

Visit Muhan Pokhari, Telkot

After visiting Damsite, another beautiful untouched destination, a beautiful waterfall at Muhanpokhari Telkot presents itself to the travelers. Either catch Saraswotisthan road or Khani-Pani Road straight till you cross Basuki Temple, you’d reach Muhan Pokhari waterfall. There you can enjoy chilly cold water from the mountains falling peacefully from some 60 feet tall cliff of Muhanpokhari. Telkot also features many homestays. If you decide to spend a night at Telkot you will get to know the lifestyle of Nagarkot better.

Go Cycling from Nagarkot to Changu Narayan

Just when you think the fun time is over, your actual joy ride begins in Nagarkot. Experience cycling in the Rhododendron forest of beautiful Nagarkot and reach Changu Narayan Temple. The temple looks as if it is built to overlook Nagarkot on the top of Changu hill. This Temple also preserves art and architecture for as long as the 9th century. So, riding from Nagarkot and getting to Changu Narayan can be a wonderful experience while you are in Nagarkot.

Horse Riding in Nagarkot

Horse riding in the hills of Nagarkot isn’t a must-do thing. But if you are in Nagarkot to relax and want to see the surroundings, horse riding in Nagarkot is something that you should look out for. It’s common for people to get an escorted ride of a horse anywhere in Nepal.

Enjoy a short hike around Nagarkot

Actually, Kathmandu to Nagarkot itself is an exciting day hike. Usually, people take the Sallaghari - Muhan Pokhari route and hike to Nagarkot surpassing the Muhan Pokhari waterfall. On the way, you will also pass Buddha Shanti Park on your left-hand side of the road facing south. Then you will reach the Nagarkot junction and join the road to the main city. Also being a vacation destination, there are different short hiking destinations around Nagarkot.

Trekking in Nagarkot

Nagarkot isn’t only a vacation spot or a place where you go for a day tour and relax. The place also features some of the famous trekking trails. You can get to some of the most followed trekking trails from Nagarkot. From Nagarkot you catch the trekking trails like Chisapani - Namo Buddha, Muhan Pokhari - Melamchi and more.

Despite being small, Nagarkot presents endless possibilities as an easily accessible trip from the valley. It’s a fairly short trip for all visitors, yet it offers various delightful experiences. Imagine starting a day with a beautiful sunrise behind the Himalayas, cycling in a dense forest, riding horses, trekking and hiking, and ending your day with a beautiful view of the setting sun at kalamasi lake. It definitely will be a delightful experience, right?

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