If You Are A Digital Nomad, Nepal Is The Best Place For You

If You Are A Digital Nomad, Nepal Is The Best Place For You

  • 09/06/2021

Mountains of Nepal resemble the Scandinavian Arctic but so far people don’t see Nepal as a place fit for the working and travelling millennials who are termed as digital nomads. Nepal presents itself as the best place for working  internet nomads because Nepal has some of the most beautiful cities with a wide range of hotels and homestays inclusive of good internet and healthy food.

Lately the nation has made a huge progress in telecommunication which is why it has a very strong internet access. Currently many hotels even in the distant Himalayas have proper access to the internet. Also, living a nomadic life is easier here because the people here are friendly and living in Nepal is cheap.

The term “Digital Nomad” was widely used from 2006 and popularized mostly in 2014. To make things clear first let’s describe what the term digital nomad means. Digital nomads are the people who typically travel while earning money through their internet businesses, clients, or employment. Digital nomads can work remotely from wherever they reside or travel by using wireless internet, cellphones, Voice over IP, or cloud-based software.

First of all, what makes you a digital nomad? It’s a drive to travel and live in places far away from home with a steady income. Its name suggests that this type of lifestyle has two different components. First it’s the digital part where you sell your acquired skills remotely and the other component is living a nomadic life. Mostly, people think it’s a cult or a religion but little do they know that it’s a location independent lifestyle.

Pros and Cons of  becoming a Digital Nomad

According to many digital nomads, a regular life isn’t better than being a digital nomad, and being a digital nomad isn’t better than a regular life. Each of these lifestyle options has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. So, let’s take a good look at a few pros and cons of living a nomadic lifestyle because the digital part isn’t that hard to commit to, only nomadic life is a matter of commitment here!

Timezone, internet, languages, expense, and many other factors come into play while you choose to live a digital-nomad’s life. At the same time you get to work from anywhere and at any time, travel wherever you want, have a sense of control over your life, take inspiration from the open world and have creative control over your works. You can experience freedom and will face no office politics. On the top of that you will be able to help a new community with every dollar you spend. 

However becoming Digital Nomad also has a few downsides to it. Few of these drawbacks include loneliness, relationship issues, issues with time management, missing milestones and important events back home, loose sense of connection or belongingness, and losing grip of your skills.

Why is Nepal the best place for a Digital Nomad?

As the concept of digital nomad is comparatively new, Nepal offers all of the features that digital nomads are looking for. It features a number of scenically pleasing places. There are a number of excellent places where one can just open their devices, log in, and get to work. The internet connection, especially in recent years, has been fantastic.

When it comes to exploring outdoors, there are enough things to do. There are additional places where you may have a good time, dine, and listen to music in many cities such as Kathmandu, Pokhara, Dharan, Chitwan.

Whether you choose to live in a city or at the foothills of mountains, Nepal provides numerous adventure opportunities such as paragliding, bungee and zipline. Nepal has some of the tallest mountains and solemn trails where you can trek.

Nepal is an ideal bird watching place filled with rare wild animals. Even if you live in places like Ghandruk, Poonhill, or any other hill station, you get to experience fast internet connection and tasty local food which makes your stay memorable and your work more fun as well.

Here are a few points to further make a strong case that Nepal is the best place for digital nomad;

  • Peaceful Nation with zero violence 

  • Good Internet Connectivity

  • Low Cost Of Living

  • Easy Visa and Hasslefree trip

  • Diversity in Culture

  • Acceptance of Co-Working Space

Peaceful nation with Zero violence

Before we travel anywhere in the world, we first try to understand if the place is peaceful, right? If it is, then only we make travel plans. Even places like Thailand come with a potential danger of getting robbed, drugged and killed but Nepal is very different. It is one of the most peaceful countries in the world and home to some of the most non violent and helpful people.

The nation also has a special bureau for tourists and has tourist police to deal with the problem faced by the visitors. So, these reasons make the place one of the safest locations for digital nomads even when they are travelling in remote areas.

Good Internet Connectivity

People say the Internet doesn’t grow on trees, and we agree it doesn’t but the nation has over 39 ISPs and few have already started distributing 5G services. Which is pretty cool, right? Though the connectivity gets lost if you are trekking in lifeless places and big snow covered passes but other than for those uninhabited places the citys, towns, and villages now have proper reliable Wifi facilities.

Kathmandu, Pokhara and other several big cities have also distributed free WIFI in certain areas which makes it more work friendly and smart. Every hotel and motels have a good dedicated internet and the country has significantly grown from the whole power shortage era. Now the nation is able to give an uninterrupted power supply to juice your equipment up.

Low cost of Living

One of the most essential aspects of traveling to Nepal as a digital Nomad is the cost of living in Nepal. First of all it’s a lot cheaper compared to other asian vacation spots. A dollar weighs around Nepalese 117 rupees and the money value in Nepal is amazing. $10 can get you through the day pretty easily here. You can be surprised by the hospitality of hostels and homestays, if you want to live in a family as a paying guest as well. 

The cost of living in Nepal even in its major cities is nothing compared to most other Southeast Asian countries. In general, Kathmandu and Pokhara are the most happening cities and even in these cities, around $600 will cover your monthly expenses when you are running low on money. However, the price goes down even further when you split the rent with anyone. Other expenses like electricity, internet, transport and food will somehow manage the cost.

Easy Visa and Hasslefree trip

Many countries nationals get an easy visa on arrival when they visit Nepal. The nation doesn’t have a heavy visa policy and is liberal towards the tourists and visitors. Nepal’s economy is largely dependent on tourism which also makes the country very professional in matters relating to tourist affairs and travel needs. For details you can check the website Nepalese immigration as well.

Diversity in Culture

Nepal’s cultural diversity makes the country more appealing. Keeping aside the high himalayas, Nepal is also culturally unique. Despite the diversity of architecture, cultures, languages, and even food, Nepal also has a unique mix of religion and the place is equally famous for religious tolerance.

The nation doesn’t treat tourists as outsiders which makes your working and living conditions easier. Cultural diversity in Nepal assures every religion is respected which makes your stay harmonious as well. The plain lands of Terai, hills to mountains show a different ecology and cultural mix, making the nation a great cultural experience for nomads.

Co-working space and environment

Most importantly, even when the city has free wifi zones, good eateries and hotels, it will all be worthless if you don’t get to work on the go right? Well, the nation has numerous small spaces on rent where you can create your workstation. Most hotels provide you a work desk with high speed internet and cafes and eateries don’t ask anything in return for occupying their space.

Hence not only the space but the entire co-working environment is tailor fit for a digital nomad here. Nepal is not so much into the mainstream tourism business but it is geographically blessed with all kinds of natural wonders to keep a nomad occupied and every amenity for a digital worker’s ease.

So, when you consider everything, from cost of living to Nepal’s geography and its current peaceful environment along with connectivity of WIFI and the internet, you can just pack your bags and start living here right away. Yes, the nation doesn’t have a year round work visa system and you will have to renew your visa every hundred days, the nation still presents itself as the best place in terms of activities, adventure, staycations and natural beauty. 

Nepal also has ample trekking and hiking areas. Likewise, the nation has many UNESCO heritage sites and its jungle and sanctuaries preserve the rarest animals as well, to keep you busy. If you are a digital nomad or are looking forward to becoming one, you should begin your nomadic journey from the beautiful country; Nepal for sure.

However, if you are already adopted to this life then Nepal should be a lifetime experience for you as well. Hope all your doubts about why Nepal is best for digital nomad are clear. Well, if you are onboard with the idea then Gundri.com can be your really good friend as it binds fleets of visa, vehicles, rentals and tour related packages along with hotels and transportation needs in a single place.

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