11 Fun Activities To Do While You Are Hiking

11 Fun Activities To Do While You Are Hiking

  • 18/06/2021

Hiking is an activity of going on a long walk for a day or two with your family and friends. This is usually a fun experience and normally hiking takes you to a beautiful location with scenic beauty. Not only the hiker gets to see the beautiful area of the place they explore, many natural rivers, fountains, animals, and chipping birds make your walk memorable as well. 

There are various small hiking trails in Nepal and people visiting Nepal with limited time can go on these beaten trails to get to numerous beautiful locations. Often walking for long hours can get straining but if you and your friends can divert your brains from the hike, and play small games, start singing or take a moment to adore the beauty of the surroundings, they will not only be able to catch their breath but they will also feel rewarded.

Here are 11 fun activities to do while you are hiking to make the experience better.

Playing Games

Playing Games can turn your mood on in a moment even when you are feeling tired. The games are not physically straining and hikers can enjoy games like singing, truth or dare, 20 questions, hide and seek, and various other games that can lighten your mood and distract you from the straining long walks. While you rest on the location, you can play these games as an ice breaker if you are hiking with your kids who aren’t that interactive as well.

Likewise, hiking itself is a light workout and on top of that playing games keeps your motivation high. Follow the safety protocols and respect the trial’s rules because sometimes you might lose the track of your trial if you take these games too far.

Picnic on the way

Of course, the food you carry can also become a memorable fun activity while you are on a hiking trail. Imagine taking food and eating it along with your friends, sharing chocolate bars, and playing games to win the last bite at the Tacos or bread and butter that you brought along. It will always be a beautiful experience to share a meal with your friends.

Also, you should always keep in mind that you shouldn’t disturb the natural environment, feed the animals, or leave your trash lying around. It's a very ungrateful and disrespectful act of a hiker.

Picking Trash and cleaning the area

Trash often destroys any place’s beauty and its authenticity, right? Well, what will you do if you find the spot you chose to rest at, is full of trash?

You can clean the spot and make it even better than it was before. It will make hikers who visit the place after you feel a sense of responsibility to protect the location too by making it neat and clean. This will also be a fun activity to do while hiking because you will get the feeling of responsibility and attachment towards the trail. Also, it contributes to maintaining the natural beauty and environment of the trail you follow.

Swim in the Natural Fountains

Swimming is super fun as well as refreshment activities to do while hiking. On the way, you will often come across natural rivers and fountains. So, there’s your water fun adventure right in front of your eyes. A water source such as a lake, river, or fountain gives way to a water environment, swimming, and fishing, right?

Well, you can go swimming, only if you know how to swim because water can sometimes be dangerous as well. You should read the instructions properly and then consider wisely whether you should get in there or not.

If the locals report accidents or other dangers then you can pass on swimming and enquire about fishing or feeding the water animals.


While hiking, you may also go fishing in the natural shoreline that crosses your path, and don't get me wrong; these native fishes are delicious. Farmers in the region may own some sections of a river or pond, thus local fishing rules still apply. You may, however, always give them a little fee and go fishing. Once you've caught them, you may eat them for lunch or perhaps dinner if you're lucky enough to catch a large fish.

Capture the Moment

When you are hiking to beautiful parts of any surrounding, clicking photographs can be one of the best experiences that you can get. Bringing the photographs back home and showing the images to your friends and family members who haven’t been to that place can also be an advertisement for that particular place. The photographs represent memories of the fun you had, so clicking photos is the best whenever you are hiking.

You don’t need to be an expert photographer while capturing the moment, all you need is a camera or even a smartphone that can click photographs. Hiking is also ideal for professional photographers who are willing to capture the natural beauty of the place.

Berry picking 

Nepal is famous for berries and many other fruits are grown naturally in the forests. While you are hiking into the woods, you'll nearly always find luscious patches of berries. There are also some deadly berries out there, so make sure you know what you're picking. If you're not sure, don't consume them but you can always pick them up and take them home to show them to your elders and then verify them as edible fruit. 

Remember the movie “Into the wild'' where Chris McCandless makes it all the way to Alaska but gets paralyzed due to a wild berry? Berry picking is one of the fun activities to do while hiking but sometimes it may be dangerous too.

Climbing and Scrambling

Hiking on certain paths requires climbing and scrambling, but don't push yourself with difficult climbing activities unless you're truly up for it. Climbing is only fun for those who love to reach a hilltop and experience what the view is like from up there?

You should consider wearing decent hiking footwear, pants, sunscreen lotion, and a cap to avoid becoming sunburned or being trapped in a circumstance where your shoes fail. Hiking and sightseeing go hand in hand; they are both complementary, and if you are prepared to scramble a bit, you will surely see some of the mesmerizing vistas.


People say it's not the destination, but it's the journey itself. However, I say it's both the journey and the destination when you are hiking to a new place. At first, you will get to play games, pick berries and click photographs then you get to a destination. After that, you can start sightseeing, gather information about the flora and fauna of the place, and stroll around the place to get an overall idea about your hiking destination.

You may find various birds, animals, and plants in the area which will make your hike insightful and memorable. Hence, whenever you are hiking, don’t forget the various monumental locations within the hike.


Imagine trekking in a rainforest region rich in wild animals; being able to keep track of them would be quite beneficial. Hikers may benefit from discovering animals since being aware of the signs of potentially dangerous animals in the region is always a good thing. So look for animal tracks first, then look for other clues to help fill in the gaps regarding what they've been up to. Tracing is always fun until you come face to face with the wild animals.

Learning new things about the place

The outdoors are the best classroom for true hands-on learning. Outdoor centers, scientific centers, city recreational programs, and park facilities are often full of chances for learning. A hike teaches you things like planning an itinerary, cooking, camping, and teamwork, but it also teaches you foraging and tracking skills, recognizing local birds, and going on trips that focus on the life-cycle of a single species. If no such trips are offered by local groups, you may do it yourself with the assistance of a decent guidebook and some common sense. Hiking is a fun activity for anybody interested in learning about the terrain, geography, plants, animals, and birds.

Hopefully from now onwards, you will include these fun activities and make your hiking experience better. As we all know many things might go wrong while hiking and you should take into consideration small to big things while you are out in nature.

Hiking is a great way to spend time with your friends and family or to just spend a little time by yourself studying and enjoying nature. So, whether you are traveling in a group or are strolling alone, fitness, fresh air, and natural beauty can make your day really memorable. So, where are you planning for your next hiking destination?

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