Best things to do with Kids in Kathmandu

Best things to do with Kids in Kathmandu

  • 10/05/2021

Kathmandu isn’t seen as more of a place for children than it is viewed as a recreational venue for adults and grownups. But I think it boils down to the age group that you are traveling with, and the activities that age group is able to do, right? Kathmandu is also an equally fun place for Kids as well. You can travel to Kathmandu and enjoy the vacations with your children.

If you are searching on google for things to do with kids near me while you are in Kathmandu then probably this blog is for you. Here is the list of places and things to do in Kathmandu with kids.

  • Kathmandu Fun Park
  • Kathmandu Fun Valley Sangha
  • Sanga Children’s Fun Park
  • Whoopee Land Amusement Water Park
  • Sat-Dobato Swimming Pool
  • Museums in Kathmandu
  • Kakani Village Trip and Children Scout Training
  • Central Zoo of Nepal
  • Short hike up to View Tower and Horse/ Pony Ride

Kathmandu Fun Park

Kathmandu Fun Park is probably the oldest Amusement Park in Kathmandu. The amusement park features a variety of activities, swings, see-saws, and various fun games that kids do enjoy and the place offers more than enough to keep your children occupied for a day’s time.

The park is filled with activities for kids as it has a steam engine train, two gocarts, Jurassic Park, Scare House, and various other attractions and photo spots with statues of the characters that children see on their TV shows regularly. 

The park is situated in the heart of Kathmandu beside Tourism Board Nepal, on the left-hand side of Pradarshani Marg Putalisadak. 

Kathmandu Fun Valley Sanga

Just 22.9 km from Kathmandu, lies another attraction for kids at a place between Bhaktapur and Banepa famously known as The Kathmandu Fun Valley which was inaugurated on 29 May 2013. If you are in Kathmandu, you can take your children to The Fun valley where they are exposed to water-related activities. Water cannons, water slides, and swimming pools make the place fun for kids of all ages. Even the parents can lay back and relax here, or they can enjoy the water fun with the family in Kathmandu Fun Valley. 

The place remains closed the entire winter, so you will have to be in Kathmandu in summer with your kids if you want to have fun at the Fun Valley in Sanga.

Sanga Children’s Fun Park 

If your children aren’t old enough for water-related activities, then around 2 KM from the fun valley, just behind the statue of Shiva, you will find another fun spot for Kids. Sanga Children’s Fun Park is situated in the entrance opposite the tallest Shiva statue in Sanga.

Unlike the fun valley, the place is open all seasons. However, the fun park is specially focused on an age group of 3 to 8. Even though it's fun places for kids below three, so children above 8 years will not have the amount of excitement compared to kids who are around 3 to 8 years old.

Whoopee Land Amusement Water Park

Whoopee land is another destination ideal for children and even for fun with your family. Even if you are from Kathmandu or the surrounding area, Whoopee Land is a mixture of both water adventure and other amusements, which makes it an all-season-friendly park. The park features various things to do with kids, everything that’s available in Fun Valley and it also has things such as swings and slides that are available at the fun park.

It also has a small Jurassic Park-themed area where children can enjoy seeing the dinosaurs. Visiting Whoopee Land Amusement Water Park is the best place to enjoy in Kathmandu with kids.

Sat-Dobato Swimming Pool

If you want to teach your children a valuable life skill of swimming, you can always take them to the swimming pool situated in Sat-Dobato. The Fun fact about this swimming pool is that it is an international grade swimming pool and has two pools side by side. It also has attendants guarding your children, hence it's as safe as it can get.

If you think swimming lessons are necessary, then teaching your children a swimming lesson can be one of the many things to do with kids in Kathmandu, right?

Museums in Kathmandu

If your children are old enough to understand the artistry, architecture, and history of Nepal, then you must take them to the Durbar or Palace Museums in Kathmandu. These places feature unique structures, and have a huge cultural value, among the locals as well. 

If you have a day off and your children are well above 12 years old then you along with your children should visit Basantapur, Bhaktapur, and Lalitpur museum so that they get to see ancient Asian structures, read a few lines about the history of Nepal, and enjoy the rooftop view of the palaces while eating restaurants beside the palaces.

Kakani Village Trip and Children Scout Training

Strange, how people see places like Kakani as a hill station and a romantic escape, but actually Kakani is a place where Nepal Scouts hold their training sessions every Saturday. Kids from Kathmandu go there as child scouts and complete various tasks to get their batch integrated.

So, if you want to teach your children the basics of self-defense and social work along with safety and first aid, then you should take them to Kakani. Kakani is an ideal spot for family fun because the children can see the botanical garden and do scout-related activities; Meanwhile, you and your partner can get fascinated by the view and can revive your romance. 

Central Zoo of Nepal

Not everyone needs to go to Chitwan National Park to see the rhinos. The central zoo is also a very beautiful place for children. If you are willing to educate your children about the biodiversity of Nepal and show them the animals found in our country and around the world, you should take them to the Central Zoo in Kathmandu.

Visiting the Central Zoo is a fun activity for kids along with a chance to learn about animal life. The place is filled with various animals such as Tigers, Beer, Leopard. Colorful birds and many antelopes. Your children, alongside seeing the exotic animals, can also enjoy various seesaw swings along with boating and elephant rides in the Central Zoo area.

Nagarkot View tower Hike and Horse / Pony Rides

If your children aren’t toddlers anymore and can go for a small hike then Nagarkot offers a huge opportunity for them to see some snow-capped mountains from the top of Nagarkot view tower. Likewise, they can take a horse ride while they are returning to your resort from the view tower. The horse and pony rides are pretty famous in Nagarkot and it's fairly affordable as well.

These things to do with kids are enough to spend the vacation in Kathmandu. You can share your thoughts if you have thought of doing something new with your Kids in Kathmandu.

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