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Booking a hotel room is stressful when you are already on the move. While you are already out, finding a hotel, booking it right away, and getting a confirmation can be bumps on your smooth travel journey. Imagine booking a hotel from the Airport. In the last hours; you may not find the room of your choice during a high tourist season. Will that be a good experience for you?

Let me clearly answer you here, the answer is "NO". Rather, you'd be pulling your hair off your head with anger and anxiety. Now, get out of your imagination and do not worry about what might go wrong. You are not on the journey till the moment. Rather, focus on what steps you can follow to easily book a hotel room.

If you don't know how to book a hotel room then here we are to assist you. Let's begin...

The best option for any traveler would be to browse the internet and surf hotels that satisfy your needs. In a time where you can buy groceries online, you shouldn't be physically present to book a hotel room. You can search for the best hotels, get the result, compare them and confirm your deal days before you travel.

Choose the right accommodation
Let’s take a look at a few steps that can be followed while choosing the best accommodation. First of all, you should be able to identify an ideal hotel for you, as per your travel needs.
Determine your budget

Budget is always the main factor for choosing your accommodation. If you are traveling alone for adventurous purposes, living in a lavish hotel might be the wrong idea. Since these hotels are not cheap, you may reduce your chances of doing a certain activity on your bucket list. Likewise, if you are traveling along with your college friends and groupies during your holidays. You definitely will be in no position to spend a huge buck on your trip. So you might even stay in the common rooms and share the expense to reduce your expenses.

Else if you are traveling for business purposes and the expenses are on your company card. You will have to worry about your business rather than finding a budget room. As your company handles your travel and accommodation expenses, a budget may not create any barrier in your travel. Even within a hotel, the rooms they offer may serve a different purpose. A comfort suite may accommodate a recreational traveler’s need but suite rooms are the best for honeymoon couples visiting Nepal. Likewise, a man representing a business house will find all his needs fulfilled in a deluxe room. So first, think about your budget and also roughly calculate how much you can spend on accommodation.

Identify the suitable location

Living in a suitable location is always explained as a place where your personal needs are met. So, factors determining a good location can vary from person to person as per your travel needs. As said earlier, if you are traveling for self-amusement you should choose the places which have numerous attractions nearby. Further, if you are traveling for mountaineering, seminars and need to use airways and roadways often, you should live in a location near Airport.

Likewise, if you are traveling in groups, there are hotels offering dormitory rooms or common rooms for much cheaper rates. When you divide it per head, you will get a good value for money. Alongside getting a common room you should also choose a hotel in the heart of the city so that you don't miss the fun places.

Search hotels in the hotel's search engine

If you don’t realize what's the hotel search engine is then you must know one from now onwards. You must have heard about right? It's also a metasearch hotel search site. Basically, a hotel search engine refers to a booking engine that compares the price of a hotel room from different websites and shows you the results.

So if there exists a hotel search engine, why only depend on one site for the best deals. These engines give the range of prices for the same property in various booking sites. It will definitely help you to minimize your accommodation cost. Before booking a room from the website that offers the cheapest price, make sure to compare the facilities with the expensive ones. If every facility matches, you are good to go. Else think twice before booking.

Call the property for a better price

After choosing the hotel room, the next thing you can do is either directly book the hotel via a booking site or call the property for offers. If you are traveling in groups you should always mention it upfront while you call the property. Online Travel aggregators usually don't have rates for groups, so it's suggested to call the property. The hotel always has the leverage to give you further discounts or a discount code on your group travel.

Book the hotel room
After you are all satisfied with the pricing, the next step is to go ahead and actually book the room. This step is also a very crucial step while booking a hotel room. It involves actual reservation, booking payment, and confirmation. You should be very careful while booking any hotel. Since the process involves cards and money, always book a hotel room only from a reliable site.
Reserve the room online via the OTAs website

After finalizing, it's up to you to reserve a room via OTA, offering you the best deal. The reservation involves several steps, such as filling up the forms, entering your personal details, number of rooms and services needed along the type of rooms you want. Among several options of rooms such as comfort suites, suite rooms, deluxe rooms, etc, available in the hotel; you can choose the one which suits your needs.

While traveling, Booking can be as important as inquiring. In high tourist seasons, hotels remain filled and you will always have the risk of not finding the hotel of your choice. Hence if you book the hotel in time, you will be better off from the problem and will save yourself a lot of hassle.

Pay for the hotel room

Now, there are a million ways to pay for your stay. Online payment is also one of the ways to pay for your stay in advance. Paying in advance is one of the best ways to cover your hotel expenses when you are planning a short trip. However, if you are staying for a bit longer, it's advised that you pay in advance for a few days. Then pay the remaining while you check out from the property.

Some of the OTAs and hotels also offer pay at property. If so, you will book a hotel online and later pay for your bookings at the hotel. It's also a great option because in this particular case, you are not obligated to pay unless you use the hotel's facilities.

Confirm your booking

After all the above-mentioned steps are successfully completed, your hotel booking is confirmed. You will receive an email with the receipt and all of your requirements. Do not forget to check the mail carefully and read all the information. Mainly your check-in date. If other's info is wrong, you may request it after you visit but not the check-in date. If everything is okay, “High-five” you have completely made your first hotel room booking online.

So, if you stayed through the article, now you should know the whole process of booking a hotel. Even if you want to travel to Nepal, the process is the same to book a hotel in Nepal.

Even though some people prefer booking hotels directly after landing in Kathmandu. It's better if you book the hotel online to make your travel in Nepal hassle-free. Stay tuned to our blog for more informative content.

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